Sky Island! We need your help!

Dear Sky Island Homeowners,

Our neighborhood is starting to look gorgeous!

We have been working hard at weed control, fertilizing, mowing and planting flowers! Our biggest job has been repairing and staining multiple fences!

As Summer approaches we need to continue to keep our community looking it's best.  We ask each homeowner to be proactive in making their yard and home meet the level of expectation.

In doing so, home values will continue to soar and the look of the neighborhood stays at a high level of appeal.

In Sky Island we have monthly site reviews by our management company to help manage homes that have may have not yet met the look of what our community strives for.

You may receive a call or a letter reminding you of what may need to be done. In these reports we commonly see recurring issues such as;

*Moss on roofs and in grass

*excessive weeds in grass and in flower beds, (which is expected because of the heavy rains we have had).  See link below on how to keep moss off roofs and grass.

*fences still need repairing and staining

*homes needing new paint and or trim painted

*garbage cans seen from road

*trailers and boats seen from road overnight

*cars in street overnight

If one of these may be happening at your home, we ask you to be considerate of our community and resolve these issues in a timely manner.

Thank you to everyone who has made our community look its best. Let's continue to be proactive and enjoy our upcoming Summer!

Sky Island Board of Director's