Vandalism within Sky Island

The Board has unfortunately received information that there have been some instances of mild vandalism (pumpkins smashed and other yard decor relocated) within the community over the past several weeks to couple of months.

As the days are now shorter and darkness longer, it is always a good idea to keep porch lights on and keep our eyes open as a community.  Should you happen to see any suspiscious activity, please contact the Bonney Lake Police Department non-emergency dispatch number at (253) 841-5538.

How to Choose a Contractor

Choosing the right contractor for a job around your home can be a daunting and intimidating task. It nonetheless, is a very important first step to any project and can make or break the outcome.

~ Don’t rely on newspaper ads or the phonebook. The best contractors don’t need to advertise, as their work speaks for itself through referrals from satisfied customers. Begin your search by talking to friends and neighbors who have used contractors. You can also check trade websites such as the National Association of Home Builders (

~ Be sure to visit the Better Business Bureau’s website ( for the complaint history of any contractor you are thinking of using.  Be wary of any contractor with more than a complaint or two.

~ Check to ensure that the contractor is licensed and insured/bonded.

~ Always ask for a list of references or previous customers. Ask the references some or all of the following questions: - Would you hire this contractor again?  - What kind of a job did they do cleaning up at the end of each day, and at the completion of the project?  -Were the contractor & his employees easy to talk to?  - Was the job completed on time and on budget? If not, why not?

~ While it may temporarily seem like a cost savings to go with an unlicensed or “under the table” contractor, it can cost more in the long run if a project is improperly done or not finished and you have to call in a licensed contractor to fix a problem or finish the job.

The following link may also have some helpful information on choosing a contractor: