Sky Island Annual Yard Sale!!!!! 

Friday, May 19th 2017 9am- 5pm and 

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 9am-5pm



Hello  Homeowners

Just wanted to pass on some information about building most anything in Sky Island. 

I decided to build a deck in the backyard and began the process according to the ACC's.  I submitted drawing and all the paperwork required. To make sure all my T's were crossed and i's dotted I called the City of Bonney Lake to make sure I did not need a permit. They told me of the City's requirements; however they left one thing out and that was the square footage requirement (Over 200 sq ft requires a permit). 

So I hired a contractor and they began building. Fast forward a couple of days. Just as they were finishing a city representative stopped by and told us of the sq ft requirement and shut us down. So I'm currently getting all the paperwork for a permit completed and hopefully our deck will be completed in a week or so.

When building in Sky Island we have a HOA ACC and you must meet the requirements.  But also don't forget the City has their requirements also. Ask a lot of questions about requiremnts. Just FYI the cost of the permit is based upon the sq ft not just a flat fee; don't be shocked. 

The City of Bonney Lake is here on site all of the time these days with the building of Div 6 so be sure and do your homework about what you need for building here or you could be sitting inside not out like me.

Your HOA Board President